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With the advent of research taking advantage of Tissue MicroArrays (TMA), we’ve focused on developing a lower cost tissue arrayer that combines easy to use elements of automation where it is needed most, yet not burdening the instrument with automation better controlled by a user.

Now, users can construct  error free tissue arrays from start to finish faster than highly automated systems, with less effort.   With the TMArrayer TM , a semi-automated tissue arrayer, all tedious position movements have been automated through a simple touch screen interface, and the housing has been ergonomically designed from the ground up.

Our goal was to design a low cost, accurate, precise, fast, and easy to use instrument.  We intentionally offer you manual control over the more delicate operations of extracting precious donor cores and precisely placing them at that same height in the recipient blocks every time.  Guiding the stylus eliminates bending and improves your control during the placement of the donor core into the recipient block.  

For detailed specifications and features please download the brochure or the Users Guide

Tissue Arrayer Brochure (pdf)  300K

TMArrayer Users Guide (pdf)  1M

Key Features:


  • Automated X-Y Stage
  • 1 to 4 Recipient Block Capability
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Adjustable Stop Depths
  • Guided Stylus Operation with Return Spring
  • Donor Block is Clamped during punching
  • Average Move < 2 Seconds
  • Ergonomic Wrist Rest
  • Handles for Ease During Punching
  • Punches Rotate on Axis to free Receptacle or Donor Cores
  • Settings and positions are saved in memory making it easy to resume operation after power down.
  • Capable of using Beecher Instruments Punches




  • Range of motion: 90 mm x 90 mm
  • Speed: 20 mm / sec
  • Positional Resolution: 0.5 um
  • Positional Repeatability: 1.5 um
  • Average move time:  < 2.0 sec
  • Punch Sizes:  0.6, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 mm
  • Power Requirements:  100-240 VAC,
  • 47 - 63 Hz  @ 1.7A
  • Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Size D x W x H: 520 x 403 x 232 mm

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