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Pathology Devices is focused on the emerging Time Lapse Live Cell Imaging as well as Tissue MicroArray  (TMA) markets with the LiveCell TM, and TMArrayer TM product lines

The LiveCell TM stage top incubation platform has become a standard piece of equipment in many  Imaging Core ability in the U. S.  and Pathology Devices, Inc. is actively working on continual product improvements and expanding into international markets  The launch of the LiveCell3 is one such incremental improvement that adds humidity control to the already stable performance of temperature and CO2 all in one integrated system.  

After developing the ATA27 for Beecher Instruments, we turned our attention to our own intellectual property in the area of Tissue MicroArray construction equipment which has lead to the development of our semi-automated TMArrayer TM. This new tissue arrayer serves a market  between the existing all manual, and fully automated tissue arrayer instruments.   Now,  there is less complexity and a lower learning curve to creating precise and error free TMAs.

Pathology Devices is a dynamic company that takes engineering and product development seriously. The staff, consultants, and contractors are well seasoned developers of instrumentation for the in vitro diagnostics, laboratory robotics, and product development.

In the future, you can look forward to our continual improvements and efforts in other areas of research.

Ron Gebing, CEO

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