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  Latest News

Pathology Devices  resumes  production of the LiveCell product line following termination of Neue Biosciences license agreement.

Coldspring Scientific, Corp. has  signed a distribution agreement for the LiveCell product line in China.

International sales  has expanded with the signing of Uni-Tech Science, Inc. as  a distributor .

We are now  accepting orders. at introductory pricing with Beta testing of TMArrayer set to begin at the NCI.

Launch of LiveCell 3. Temperature, CO2, and Humidity are all integrated and precisely controlled.


Time lapse live cell imaging can now be extended beyond current limits.  The LiveCell TM  system brings an incubation environment right to the stage top of your microscope. Precise  Temperature, CO2, and Humidity control available at the simple push of a button. You now  have complete control over the media environment without the need for costly precision mixed gas, flow rate adjustments, or uncertainty in humidity. Designed for easy installation and operation.


Construction of a Tissue MicroArray (TMA) is no longer cumbersome, overly complicated, or physically uncomfortable with the new TMArrayer TM  a Semi-automated Tissue Arrayer.  We've designed this Tissue MicroArrayer from the ground up with you in mind.  All of the tedious position movements have been automated through a simple touch screen interface, yet we've left the delicate and subjective operations of extracting and placing donor cores under your control.



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